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About Us

Houses are made home with the touch of your taste and emotions. And the art of home decor has come a long way. We, at Saboo Rickshaw Traders, take pride being the pioneer in evolving your spaces into characters according to your personality.

Saboo Rickshaw Traders was founded in Ranchi in 1957. What has remained constant over those years is an uncompromising passion for quality, brilliant design, immaculate craftsmanship and lasting value. Within few years, we have come a long way in furnishing department. To give your home a makeover, with beautiful sentiments, get all the furnishing products under one roof, at Saboo Rickshaw Traders.

In everything we do, our philosophy is simple: We want to surround ourselves with products we love. We want to inspire creativity, ethical trade, as well as aesthetic beauty. This is more than a way of sourcing and selling products; it’s a way of life we recommend.

Visit our store to witness the world furnished just for you.

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